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Because... Recharging and discharging rechargeable batteries may, if carried out regardless of the battery cells' temperature, result in degradation of batteries' original performance. To preserve battery performance, careful monitoring of battery temperature is important.

By monitoring the battery temperature with thermistors, you can control recharging and discharging and gain the following benefits:
  1. The batteries' original cycle life can be preserved.
  2. Batteries can be economically and effectively recharged.
  3. Precise temperature measurement with thermistors constitutes an indispensable part for displaying the battery's remaining time.

Therefore... To secure the battery's optimum performance and liability, use a thermistor in a rechargeable battery.

Things we need... To monitor reliability, the temperature of rechargeable batteries, you need NTC thermistors. We recommend SEMITEC® brand high precision thermistors, the temperature sensing device known as the most reliable and economical. SEMITEC® 's wide 6 choice of 9 types present you with thermistors of all shapes and sizes; you will find the most suited thermistors for your battery application.

How do we use thermistors?
The below drawings are examples of how to place SEMITEC® thermistors on battery cells.


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